HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Thursday, November 19, 2015

HK and the return of Sterling: 11.18.15

It took a while, but the beautiful Sterling has returned to the area and has been seen in the company of handsome HK.
With the local temperature in the 70's, it was a great afternoon to go "eagling" in Virginia Beach.
As I drove down S. Independence Blvd., I could easily see 2 Bald Eagles in the original Osprey nest tower. As I got close and parked, it looked like HK and Sterling. And after sneaking a look at some photos, I was reasonably sure that it was. Sterling on the left.

HK left first, and I was able to snap a shot for his positive ID. Sterling stayed for 35 minutes, then she took flight. She sure looks great in the air!

I drove around for a bit, hoping to relocate at least one of them. Eventually, I did spot HK in the yard of a nice lady who I had visited before, who lives on the golf course. I was able to get a few quick photos of HK perched.

Then, true to form, HK took off! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

HK and a Eagle Youngster

I spent about 90 minutes tracking HK around the golf course today after being sick for over a week. I first found him in a familiar tree, yelling.

 The source of HK's displeasure was a Bald Eagle youngster, who left almost immediately.

HK took off also, but I was able to relocate him on the golf course. He posed nicely for some distant, portrait shots in fading light.

I left him there. Maybe he'll still be there the next time!