HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Monday, January 25, 2016

HK and Sterling. 1.25.16.

The observation period began with just Sterling in the cell tower. But, within 20 minutes, she looked up.

HK was coming!

HK flew by Sterling.

HK landed on the bottom of the tower and Sterling went to the middle to chat.

Then, Sterling made a perching change.

The two of them were perched on the cell tower. HK on the left and Sterling on the right.

My takeoff shots were blurry, and I left to see if they had gone to the nest. I saw an eagle carrying a stick as I turned the corner. But, only HK was there.

He left but returned in a few minutes carrying another stick.

He left again, and I located him in a cypress tree. I decided to call it a day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Portrait 1.20.16

Another cold day here in Virginia Beach. But, I bundled up and drove out to Honey Bee. HK was perched in his favorite cedar tree. I took advantage of the closed golf course and walked out to the driving range.  I had looked carefully around but HK was the only Eagle there. I snapped five photos and walked quickly back to the car.  When I looked back, HK was gone.
Here is Winter Portrait: HK on Cedar.

Monday, January 18, 2016

 It started off typically. I found HK in the cell tower looking around.

He departed and my friend relocated him down the river, about 300 yards away, in a tree. I could not find him but drove around to the other side the river myself and saw an eagle grab prey from the water. Lo and behold! HK landed in front of me....for about 20 seconds.

It was a very special moment, one I will not forget.
But, HK took off and I relocated him myself on the golf course where I left him as the sun went down.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

HK Out and About: 1.13.16.

I LOVE it when this happens! I drove up to the nest tree and obviously there is an eagle in it! HK was there, feeding on something. He was constantly looking around.

He must have been near the end of the meal as he stopped for some feaking (bill cleaning). It was nice getting a clear view of his purple band.

HK finishes his meal.

Some more feaking with some tongue action.

He took off away from me and was relocated on a nearby tower, where he did some vocalizing. I could not determine who was attracting his attention.

I managed a poop shot!

And, because he lightened the load, HK promptly left.

And flew to his fav perch, the cell tower, for more vocalizing to another eagle somewhere on the golf course.

Here is a full frame shot of HK on the tower.

He did some preening and ruffled his feathers.

And, I left him there as I had another engagement.

Friday, January 8, 2016

HK and Sterling: Can You Feel The Love? Is it Mating? January 8, 2016

When I arrived at Honey Bee, HK was alone on a tree at the first tee. He gave me some great photo ops. This was my favorite.
He flew of course.

And landed in one of his favorite towers. He did some preening.....for Sterling I hoped!

I missed that takeoff but eventually drove around to the Honey Bee nest tree. There was an eagle in the tree but it was obstructed. Then, I noticed one in the nest. It was HK!

The other eagle came out: Sterling, I presume!

The next thing I knew, HK hopped out of the nest and up onto the other eagle. Mating, it appeared!

 It was over quickly and they separated. That's HK on the right. This behavior was also witnessed by my friend, Holly S.

HK left but came back in a few minutes with a big stick!

Sterling watched.

And HK built some more. Then, he had a snack.

He hopped over to an adjacent tree to feak his beak.

A couple more HK poses.

More Sterling. This was the first time for me that she seemed unconcerned with humans around the nest tree. It was very special.

After about an hour in the nest and the nest tree, they left. I relocated each eventually in different locations, but it was too dark for photography.  So, after an incredible afternoon, I headed for home.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

HK and Sterling 1.6.16

As I drove towards Honey Bee, I saw an eagle in the air carrying a stick. Assuming it was HK, I drove to his nest. It was, he was performing some nestorations, and he was alone.

He left and returned a short time later, but I missed those shots. I relocated him on the cell tower.

I guess it was too windy because he left, but gave me a decent fly by.

About 45 minutes later, I found both HK and Sterling back on the cell tower. HK left, flew to the Osprey nest tower, picked up a stick from there, and disappeared.

Sterling remained. I had another appointment, and left her there.