HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

HK on the golf course: 10.29.14

I visited HK's nest this morning, hoping to catch him doing some building. I received a text from Jim alerting me that there was an eagle on the feeding tree (gotta love technology). I drove around the course to maybe get a view from the back of that tree. And, sure enough, there was an eagle. And, it was HK.

He sat for a bit, then turned around.

Then he flew to a tree just a tad closer to me. I texted Jim back to alert him.

A first year eagle also flew right over our heads.

HK looked up, but did not budge.

I left. But, HK sat there for 4 hours! Must be some sort of record!

Monday, October 27, 2014

HK at Rosemont Forest Elementary School 10.26.14.

The only time I am comfortable taking my long lens on school property is after school hours and on weekends. So, on Sunday I thought I'd start looking for HK and/or Sterling there.
It was a beautiful afternoon, so after scanning the trees along the river and not spotting any Bald Eagles, I decided to walk the length of the field and back for a little exercise. There were a few Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, and a whole bunch of sweet Bluebirds. As I neared the end of the property, I heard some Crows and turned to see what made them so noisy. I didn't see anything, so continued my walk. When I turned to begin my walk back to the car, is when I spotted HK. He was right in front of me....looking at me!

Even after 3 years of documenting his life, I still get flustered when I see him. He has a history of flying immediately after being approached. So, I didn't know quite what to do! So, I just sat down. And starting clicking.

HK's face was partially obstructed by leaves so the challenge was waiting for the breeze to move them out of the way. He scratched a bit.

I was pretty sure Jim and Shirley were out and about so I messaged them the location and they arrived within a few minutes. Typically, HK took off.

It was an awesome sighting to share with friends. HK gave us a circle, then dissappeared.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

HK and Sterling Getting Cozy

I was very excited to get a text message from my friend Barbara that there was an "eagle show" at the Osprey nest. Fortunately, the timing was perfect as I was on the way home from a dental appointment. Unfortunately, the weather was awful; 58 degrees, overcast, misty, and very windy.
When I drove up, HK was alone in the Osprey nest. But, before I could start shooting, here comes Sterling!

 Sterling landed in the nest and settled in with HK (Sterling on the right).

 HK hopped out to a corner of the tower.

And then hopped back in!

They spent a few minutes looking quite cozy and then departed.

Monday, October 6, 2014

HK at Rosemont Forest Elementary School 10.3.14.

It was about 4pm when I played a hunch on this beautiful afternoon, and drove to Rosemont Forest Elementary School. I have seen HK back behind the school many times but he is very hard to spot in the trees when they still have all their leaves. So, armed with my new lens, I left my car and walked out to the large field behind the school.
Surprisingly, I spotted him almost immediately. He was very high up in the trees. There were kids playing softball, so I took a chance and walked over to the fence next to the golf course. I slowly walked down the fence line to the North Landing River.
HK stayed put and I was able to get just about to the end of the school field.

Then, as I expected, he got restless.

And took off right towards me! It was an amazing experience and one I will never forget.