HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

HK on the golf course 11.30.16.

HK spent a couple of hours on the golf course this afternoon. There were a lot of folks playing golf, with the temperature in VA Beach in the mid 70's. That didn't seem to bother him. I observed him on three different holes plus the driving range. All photos were at a considerable distance as the couse was being played up to about 4 pm.
HK flies down the North Landing River, adjacent to the driving range. He landed on shore, out of view.

HK pops up!

Later, HK was relocated by the first tee and the putting green, taking a bath.

He flew across the river. And was not relocated.

Monday, November 28, 2016

HK 11.28.16. 5th Anniversary of documenting Honey Beeagles

Five years ago today, I came across several Eagles gathered at Honey Bee Golf Course. One was eventually determined to be banded BE "Sterling," who I photographed for the first time on this date.
Today, with the temperature in the high 50's I took advantage of the meadow field being cut to take a small chair down close to the Eagle feeding/perching area. As I was setting up, HK landed. He sat there for a long time, chattering out to at least 2 eagles that flew high overhead. None landed.

But eventually, HK took off. It's always nice to catch the takeoff and flyby.

I relocated HK on an Osprey nest tower by the golf club entrance. After 5 years, I must have thousands of similar photos, so I am just publishing one here.

Then, back to another tree. I guessed wrong on this landing.
But, I was able to see him catch a fish from my location downriver.

I could not find HK after he left to eat. It was a great afternoon, just me and HK.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

HK at the golf course. 11.22.16.

After searching down near Stumpy Lake, I finally located HK right back at Honey by the clubhouse.  The day was ending, the sun was setting, and the course was closing. I walked out to the putting green with a golfer and got reasonably close. I hoped he would not fly but.....

HK took off anyway.

After a while, he reappeared in another tree. I was not paying attention!

Then, HK flew to one of his very favorite viewing spots, the original Osprey nest tower.

 I left him there as the sun went down. He looked like he was searching for someone. No other eagles were seen.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

HK 11.17.16 and 11.19.16

I had a couple of small windows of opportunity to scout out HK this week at Honey Bee. Fortunately, he was fairly easy to locate but not to photograph closely. Both times he was in the front of the golf course, so not approachable.
So, both these photos are from about 150- 175 yards. No other Eagles were observed.
First photo on 11.17.16.

Second photo on 11.19.16. I was able to spend about an hour with HK on this day.

Friday, November 11, 2016

HK and Sterling on Veteran's Day

Sterling was easily observed in the cell tower as I entered the condo parking lot.

She flew within 10 minutes. Nice flyover though!

As soon as she flew, Reese Lukei drove up and said a guy walking his dog had unintentionally spooked her. It is always a pleasure to see Reese!
After Reese left, I spent about an hour or so hoping to find another Bald Eagle. Eventually, HK showed up on the Osprey nest tower.

An unbanded, adult eagle flew over and took a look at HK. Neither made a sound.

A City worker came and took some measurements on the Bridge, causing HK to fly, but just to the first tee. The Crows started pestering him.

So, HK took off yet again.  So powerful and with such an easy grace, HK lifts off.

And landed at the cell tower. He spent a few more minutes there. It's one of is favorite lookouts.
When he left there, I called it a day! A very good day, seeing both Sterling and HK...but not together.