HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Monday, November 28, 2016

HK 11.28.16. 5th Anniversary of documenting Honey Beeagles

Five years ago today, I came across several Eagles gathered at Honey Bee Golf Course. One was eventually determined to be banded BE "Sterling," who I photographed for the first time on this date.
Today, with the temperature in the high 50's I took advantage of the meadow field being cut to take a small chair down close to the Eagle feeding/perching area. As I was setting up, HK landed. He sat there for a long time, chattering out to at least 2 eagles that flew high overhead. None landed.

But eventually, HK took off. It's always nice to catch the takeoff and flyby.

I relocated HK on an Osprey nest tower by the golf club entrance. After 5 years, I must have thousands of similar photos, so I am just publishing one here.

Then, back to another tree. I guessed wrong on this landing.
But, I was able to see him catch a fish from my location downriver.

I could not find HK after he left to eat. It was a great afternoon, just me and HK.

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