HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

HK and (a little) Sterling. February 9, 2015

When I arrived, it appeared that the nest was empty. As I sipped my morning coffee though, HK appeared.

He again seemed to be waiting for something, and after several minutes, he left.

I was determined today to find out if by chance Sterling was in the nest incubating eggs. There was no other movement there.
After an hour, HK returned. He resumed nestorations.

He seemed to admire is work.

And left again.

Another hour went by and I heard very loud eagle chatter. Both HK and Sterling flew in!
Sterling arrived first, flying in right over my head.

They both landed in the nest and after 30 seconds, Sterling left.

HK watched intently from the nest.

Sterling circled high overhead.

HK joined her.

They flew out of the area, following a Red-tailed Hawk that had invaded the airspace.

After another hour,  HK returned once again to the nest tree. Sterling never reappeared.

I relocated HK again on a nearby tower, where I left him after dark clouds rolled in.


  1. These two glorious creatures are teasing us unmercifully, but your photos and tales of their adventures never fail to lift our spirits! Hope springs eternal.......

  2. I am working on getting back into the blogging spirit and am glad I checked in here. Glad to see your posts and talons crossed that this is the year for this pair. (That is getting to be an impressive looking nest!) I appreciate your dedication to this nest and the effort you take to share with us!