HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Thursday, February 5, 2015

HK and Sterling: Together Again. February 4, 2015

As I drove down S. Independence Blvd., I could see there was an Eagle in the Osprey nest. I pulled over. I took a few photos. They are not shown as my camera had night settings so they were quickly deleted. Just as I reset, a second Eagle flew in. It was Sterling. So, it had been HK in the Osprey nest.

Sterling is just so big and beautiful! She makes a dramatic landing!

The two of them disappeared behind the sign in the nest for less than a minute, When they reappeared, they did some "chatting."

I don't know if they mated out of sight or not. Time will tell, I guess. But, it sure is exciting to see them sitting side by side! That's HK on the left, Sterling on the right.

Sterling left first. I missed HK's departure.

I relocated HK at his nest. He appeared to be dining on a bird.

He finished quickly and hopped into the nest.

Then HK left abruptly.

But, returned quickly, carrying soft nest material trailing behind him.

I did find him in the nest, although not visible for several minutes. He did appear briefly to admire his work.

And left again.

I lost track of both of them for a while. I was there for several hours. But luckily picked them back up, perched together, seemingly watching this Navy jet. I imagined them saying, "I hope our children grow up to fly like that."

They flew again. And after a time, Sterling showed up in the Osprey nest.

HK came by.

 And landed in a tree directly across from Sterling, by the first tee.

HK left, and Sterling gave me "the look" before she also left.

An Eagle landed at the Ware Neck Drive end, but I called it a day. An EXCITING day!

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