HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Encounter with HK 12.26.15

I took a chance the day after Christmas and drove to Honey Bee. I only had about an hour before guests arrived for dinner, but decided to take the chance. Luck was with me as HK was in the Osprey nest tower surrounded by fog.

I drove to another side, hoping the light was better. It was....slightly.

After several minutes, HK flew down a fairway and landed in a dead tree.

I drove around a very long block and was able to relocate him in a dead snag where I have seen eagles perched several times. Reluctantly,  I had to leave the car, which I use as a shield. Fortunately, this day, HK cooperated and never moved.  I was able to take a series of portrait type photos and to change locations while doing so.

It was a chance encounter but I felt exhilarated, as I left him in that tree.


  1. Hey Pam, Nice to meet you again today at Honey Bee. My pic's of HK were great. Hope you got a few of that other eagle. Most of my stuff is on flickr at