HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Friday, January 8, 2016

HK and Sterling: Can You Feel The Love? Is it Mating? January 8, 2016

When I arrived at Honey Bee, HK was alone on a tree at the first tee. He gave me some great photo ops. This was my favorite.
He flew of course.

And landed in one of his favorite towers. He did some preening.....for Sterling I hoped!

I missed that takeoff but eventually drove around to the Honey Bee nest tree. There was an eagle in the tree but it was obstructed. Then, I noticed one in the nest. It was HK!

The other eagle came out: Sterling, I presume!

The next thing I knew, HK hopped out of the nest and up onto the other eagle. Mating, it appeared!

 It was over quickly and they separated. That's HK on the right. This behavior was also witnessed by my friend, Holly S.

HK left but came back in a few minutes with a big stick!

Sterling watched.

And HK built some more. Then, he had a snack.

He hopped over to an adjacent tree to feak his beak.

A couple more HK poses.

More Sterling. This was the first time for me that she seemed unconcerned with humans around the nest tree. It was very special.

After about an hour in the nest and the nest tree, they left. I relocated each eventually in different locations, but it was too dark for photography.  So, after an incredible afternoon, I headed for home.

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  1. Great post! It seems you got everything. Fingers crossed for an egg at this nest this year!