HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Monday, September 8, 2014

HK at Rosemont Forest Elementary School 9.7.14

I had not been out at Honey Bee for a while due to my husband's recent surgery. But yesterday I was in the area and armed with a new camera lens.  I made my way around various spots in the Honey Bee area looking for HK. The eagle gods were smiling on this overcast day, as I found him fairly easily in the woods across the river from Rosemont Forest Elementary School. HK was perched in one of his regular spots. I got out of my car and zig zagged across the school field towards him. Usually, as soon as I exit my car, HK abruptly takes off but today, he just sat there, looking so much like Dad Norfolk. Then, an off leash dog ran by and HK took flight.

HK from the parking lot

I made it to the fence by the river.

Classic HK pose

An off leash dog ran up and so long HK!


  1. Pam, Did you hear that HK's girlfriend has finally been ID'd? Check out Reese's post about Sterling! So exciting to learn who she is!

  2. Yes, Reese called me yesterday morning wanting some of my 2011 photos of her. It's FANTASTIC news!