HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Banded Female Has A Name: Meet STERLING!

Some absolutely fabulous news! Reese Lukei called me yesterday morning to share the news that our friend, Jim Yanello had photographed the Banded Female's band and a positive ID had been made! Her name is Sterling and Reese had actually rescued her as a nestling at Mackay Island in 2006, after her nest had been blown out of a tree in a storm. Please read the details here:

I had discovered and photographed her at Honey Bee on November 28, 2011. I sent a few photos to Reese, taken from the putting green as she sat in a tree and eventually took off.

She has been photographed many times over the last several years with another male eagle and also HK. The photographers have tried very hard to get a read on the entire band number. In fact, Reese, Jim, and I tried as recently as August 23 to get a good read, when we found them both together.

But, finally on Monday, September 9, it happened! I had located her in the tower at the Honey Bee entrance. I messaged Jim to see if he was in the area to let him know. He was and he drove over.
We photographed her together for about 30 minutes. She seemed to be waiting for someone. She preened a lot. Perhaps she had a rendezvous!

When Jim processed his photos, he had some outstanding band shots, which he forwarded to Reese. The number was confirmed by CCB.

I congratulate Jim on his outstanding work on this. Thanks to Jim, we know who the Banded Female is.

Hello, Sterling!

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