HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Sunday, November 24, 2013

HK Observations from November 23, 2013

I got out to Honey Bee Golf Club very late (for me). I arrived about 4pm with what sun there was disappearing very fast. I quickly found an eagle sitting in a cypress tree across the North Landing River from the clubhouse. I couldn't really be sure what eagle it was, but HK does have a history of perching there. I walked around the clubhouse area, and spoke to a very nice employee who gave me permission to cross the bridge to get closer. I said, thanks but no thanks. However, I did ask if I could walk elsewhere on the course at that time and he gave me permission to do so.
Eagle on Cypress Tree

Just then the eagle flew in our direction, but I wasn't quite ready to shoot. Darn! But, I thought it landed close by, so I took a walk.  I was amazed how easy it was to spot! It had landed in a group of pine trees. But,  it was sitting pretty much in the open but partially obscured by some pine needles.
I snapped a picture for documentation.
Eagle partially obscured in Pine Tree on golf course.    

I slowly continued walking, took about 6 more shots, and started retracing my steps so as not to make it change its behavior. 
Eagle perched in Pine Tree

But, it flew anyway. And landed in the Osprey nest on S. Independence. However, I got enough of it in flight to determine it was HK.
By the time I returned back to my car, HK had left the Osprey nest, hopefully to spend some quality evening time with a lady friend.
Thank you, HK for the photo op. And thank you, Honey Bee Golf Club, for letting me walk part of the course.

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