HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Observations on November 30, 2013

I was finally able to get out to Honey Bee today after a very busy Thanksgiving holiday. As I headed up S. Independence Blvd., HK was clearly visible in the Osprey nest.

Several cars were parked off road, so I knew I'd have company watching him. I found out from the other photographers that HK and his banded girlfriend had been very active all day. They had been fishing, flying, gathering nesting material, and making trips to HK's nest. But now, near the end of the day, it was just HK. That was just fine with me!
He sat in the Osprey nest for a time. Another mature eagle was visible in another tower, probably 1/2 mile away. So, eventually HK left and flew down the road to a cell tower, perhaps to get a better look.

And that's where I left him at 4:08pm.

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