HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Monday, December 30, 2013

Afternoon Delight: the Banded Female, the Mystery Male, and HK 12.30.13

Early arrival at Honey Bee for me, about 9am. HK was perched on the golf course in a favorite tree.

HK flew and I went searching. I didn't find him but I did come across these 2 eagles perched on a tower in the Glenwood subdivision. One was the banded female, but the other was.......a mystery eagle. I could not get a good look at him.

The banded female was busy with a late morning squirrel breakfast and she was not sharing.

The mystery eagle seemed to be protecting her.

 Suddenly, the mystery eagle started chattering and took off.

The female was not happy.

The mystery eagle landed again, and they squawked at each other. I could hear another eagle chattering nearby.

 The mystery male took off again.

 And he returned again.

The mystery eagle whispered some sweet nothings in her ear.

They dropped down a bar on the tower. He quickly moved over and mounted the banded female.

She did not object.

More eagle chatter and here comes........HK!  The pair took off (I briefly lost track of them). HK circled around the area and a fourth eagle flew up....and away!

Lucky for me, HK landed in a tower on S. Independence where I had just parked.
He immediately started chattering and when l looked down the tower line,

There they were!

 HK sat dejected on this tower for about 20 minutes until I left.

Total encounter time: 3 hours.

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