HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Friday, February 26, 2016

HK and Sterling in the nest tree. 2.26.16.

I arrived at Honey Bee late in the afternoon.  Because of the events that transpired after this photo, I believe this is HK and Sterling.

I left for the nest and saw 3 eagles flying as I drove there. I parked and left my car as there were already a couple of photographers there. We were all watching a juvenile eagle, when I suddenly noticed that HK had snuck in and perched directly overhead!

He provided us with an awesome photo op, when he suddenly announced that an eagle was in the area!

The other eagle flew directly into the nest. This eagle turned out to be Sterling.

HK flew to the nest.

Sterling in the nest. She moved some stuff around.

Then, Sterling moved to an outside branch in the nest tree. She provided her own photo op for us. These are just a couple of over 100 photos of this beautiful eagle.

In the meantime, HK remained in the nest,  trying to make it attractive, I guess.

They left together, flying to the river, perched in different trees, but close.  And, we were left still wondering what tomorrow will bring.

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