HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Saturday, February 13, 2016

HK, Sterling, and a youngster

I felt pretty good today and spent about 5 hours at Honey Bee. I had decided to spent a majority of time parked by HK's nest, and I was not disappointed.
As I pulled up, I heard a lot of eagle squawking and saw this youngster leaving the nest tree in a hurry!

It happened very fast but suddenly there were two adults leaving a tree close by and chasing the youngster.
As you can see, my settings were off and by the time I fixed things, Sterling was back in the tree, looking a bit ruffled.

Then I discovered that HK was in the nest, moving things around.

Sterling left and HK moved to another branch.

He left also, and it was several hours before they showed up again in a fav cypress tree.

They left there one at a time. First, Sterling.

Followed by HK.

 HK showed up once again, back in the cypress tree, all alone.

And I headed home, tired but happy.

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  1. Mighty awesome pictures as well as the story that you tell. I feel like I am there....for you....
    "I go up to the nest, no one home,
    whoops a white head peeks up,
    and I almost swoon."