HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Monday, February 15, 2016

HK, Sterling, and some visitors

HK and Sterling had at least 2 eagle visitors today. The first visitor was perched by the river as I arrived. Conditions were very overcast.

I could not tell at this distance if this was HK, Sterling, or someone else, but  that was pretty much solved when two other eagles arrived, sat briefly, then one flew down the river and just about knocked the visitor off the tree. I could not ID the top eagle.

There was a lot of chattering and screaming and the eagles disappeared in the nest area.  I went looking for them and relocated HK and Sterling on this tower. Sterling on the left and HK on the right.

Sterling left, flew across the road and returned with a fish.

HK hopped over but Sterling did not share.

They sat for awhile.

Then Sterling went off and returned with a second fish!

It was nice to see her catch her own meal for a change! But she still did not share with HK.

They flew to the cell tower and spent a short time just looking around. That's Sterling on the left and HK on the right.

I was hoping they might bond or mate but they left. HK was relocated in the area of the nest tree, very close to the road for a photo but night was coming quickly.

Reluctantly, I left him in that tree.

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