HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A photographer's dream day. January 10, 2014

8:40am arrival along S. Independence Blvd. I could see one eagle in the tower at the entrance to Honey Bee and one at the first tee. I stopped at the tower first and observed HK sitting there nervously. I drove back out and stopped at the bridge over the North Landing River. I was eventually able to determine that the banded female was perched in a tree. She flew to the Osprey nest tower and landed in what remains of the nest.

HK quickly took flight to check things out. He circled and circled and gave some amazing photo ops.

HK disappeared but was relocated at his own nest.

He left but quickly returned with a stick (I missed that shot as I was running my mouth). He moved some sticks and hopped around some.

He stopped to survey his beautiful work.

And took flight yet again. It was a beautiful display of power and grace.

He returned to the Osprey nest to preen. He waited patiently for a while....for the banded female perhaps. But, she never reappeared.

So he left the area.

The banded female never reappeared that day for me, although HK did from a distance.
Total observation period: 5 hours. It was an unforgettable encounter with this beautiful Bald Eagle.

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  1. Wonderful photographs, Pam. Your journal is valuable information for scientists and the rest of us, too. I hope to be reading here for many years to come about HK's daily life as he finds a mate and raises young.