HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Thursday, January 16, 2014

From the tower to the nest to the tower: 1.15.14

I arrived at Honey Bee about 10:22am and found an eagle perched on the tower at the entrance to Honey Bee on S. Independence Blvd. At 10:24, the eagle took off and I was able to determine by the bands that it was HK.

HK landed in a tree on the golf course.

He didn't stay there and left yet again. I was able to relocate HK in the nest tree eating something.

It took HK 28 minutes to consume whatever it was. He eventually turned in the nest, affording a better view.

Then began cleaning his beak (feaking). His purple band is clearly visible in this photo.

He hopped into a higher branch, and gave me this amazing photo op. Thank goodness I didn't blow it!

He didn't stay there long before he hopped into a higher branch in the nest tree, with an obscured view. He stayed there a very long time.

He stayed so long up there, that I needed to get out of my car to stretch my legs. I walked about 30 feet and discovered he was actually in the open. I took several pics then returned to my car.

HK eventually left and I relocated him back in the same tower by the golf course entrance.  I left him there and went to a late lunch.

Observation period: 3 hours.

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