HK Builds His Nest

HK Builds His Nest

Thursday, January 23, 2014

There's a new gal in town.....but the banded female was still there! 1.21.14.

I managed an early arrival this morning. At 8:30 am ,I found the Banded Female in Osprey nest. She promptly flew at 8:32, in the direction of HK's nest.

I arrived at HK's nest 8:34, just in time to see an eagle on a branch, then leave the area. It turns out that HK was also in nest.  He flew at 8:38.

I relocated HK on the Osprey nest tower at 9:35.
There was a new, unidentified eagle across the river on a cypress tree.  This appears to be a younger eagle.

This eagle leaves the tree at 9:46 and flies to the Osprey nest tower.

The new eagle lands beside HK.

There is a lot of chattering. That's HK on the left.

The new female hops up to the Osprey nest and back down beside HK.

They sit for a while.

HK departs at 9:54. Female departs at 9:56.

I drove back over to HK's nest just in time to see the new female land there.

Apparently HK was already there. He did not appear very pleased.

HK moved to an outside branch. The new female is in the nest.

HK flew from the nest at 10:26, followed by the female at 10:32. I relocated the new female by the Honey Bee clubhouse at 10:38. Perhaps she had a date. She left at 10:43.

Total observation time: 2 hours and 13 minutes.
I was glad to see that the Banded Female had not given up on HK. She is of breeding age, while the new female is a 4th year eagle, according to my Bald Eagle mentor, Reese Lukei.


  1. I see your thoughts are the same as mine. The new woman is not old enough and he'd have better luck with the banded female. I hope she doesn't let this youngster run her off.

  2. Very appreciative for the update on this nest. Since public not allowed on golf course, like at the Gardens, it's nice that at least one person has access. It's still exciting to hear news on a close by nest. Thanks